Request a Label Quote

This is the total quantity you require including all copy changes of the exact same size. For example, if you have three copies all the same size, then add each quantity together to get your total When sizes are exact you can add the quantities together to get a better price. You cannot add different sizes together. For each size, will have to have its own quote.
If you have different designs such as text, images, and colors but the same size and paper quality, you may combine these in the same quote.
You can design just about any shape or size you require and most often these may be accommodated. We have the ability to produce many sizes with our current inventory of configurations and as well make custom ones but you may want to check with us before creating artwork that will not fit and may require a custom die as most likely there will be an additional cost. If your shape is close to one we already have and we can work with you to use the size we have then we can save you some added cost. Please either describe what you are looking for by size and shape or send a diagram of it through our “file uploads” and title it “custom size required”. You may also wish to work with a company sales representative to determine exactly what you require, email:
Measuring a label is a little different from standard H x W measurements. Labels are measured as "across by around" - so if a label is two inches tall and wraps around a container by four inches, the label size would be expressed as 2 x 4. A good rule of thumb is to enter the smaller number in the first field.
Most full color labels are produced using process colors described as CMYK. These 4 colors are combined by a computer aided program to produce 100’s of colors. For more specific colors you may request a PMS matching system but these colors are usually reserved for liquid ink presses (most likely roll labels) rather than digital. We can accommodate any colors you choose when using the graphic art programs described in our File Uploads section.
Most adhesives today will stick to a wide variety of products. Products are also engineered with face stocks and adhesives to suit your labelling project. There are papers used for standard shipping and item labels as well as synthetics to withstand moisture, cold temperatures and rough use in outdoor environments. Whatever your requirement we can help you to choose the right label. We stock a wide variety to make labels for just about any use including sticking to tires and even cement. Please call on our sales team anytime for helpful hints, email:
Additional Add-ons:
  • Label coating – UV, Lamination
  • Channel scoring
  • Perforating
  • Drilled holes
  • Stringing (tags)
  • Eyeleting (tags)
  • Numbering
  • Barcoding
Many products can be improved or enhanced with coatings and laminations. Other products may require sequential and consecutive numbers (asset) or barcodes, perforations, channel scores for folding or tear offs and others may require drilled holes, strings or even eyelets. These are all extras Western Print & Label can provide.