• price is per 100 sheets
  • 2 labels per sheet, each label 5.5″ x 8.5″

PLEASE NOTE: Minimum order of 500 sheets (qty.5) for removable, freezer, semi gloss, coloured, fluorescent, and 8pt tag.

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At Western Print & Label, we use only top quality label products to manufacture our laser sheet labels. By our doing so, you can be guaranteed to have trouble free printing in your equipment as long as it is in a serviceable state.

We offer the following products for you to print. Please note not all of these are recommended for both laser and inkjet printing, please check with our sales team to make sure before ordering.

  • WHITE MATTE – Offset label paper for Laser/Inkjet printers (available in permanent, freezer or semi-removable adhesive)
  • COLOURED MATTE – same as above material. Available colours as follows: pro yellow, 032 red, 374 green, 291 blue, and 021 orange (custom colours available) (available in permanent, freezer or semi-removable adhesive)
  • WHITE SEMI-GLOSS – Lightly coated paper with low gloss characteristics (permanent adhesive only)
  • FLUORESCENTS – Bright highly visible paper used when extra attention may be required or for emphasis required to get your point across. Available colours are: orange, red, green, yellow and pink (permanent adhesive only)
  • WHITE POLY (WR-1) – For laser printing only, has moisture resistant characteristics for cosmetic and food labeling (permanent adhesive only)
  • KIMDURA (WR-2) – A synthetic paper that offers resistance to chemicals and moisture (permanent adhesive only)
  • VINYL (WR-3) – For laser printing only, offers moisture resistance and durability (permanent adhesive only)
  • CLEAR POLY (WR-4) – Excellent clear laser printable product where durability and weather/moisture resistance is required (permanent adhesive only)
  • CHROME POLY (WR-5) – Excellent laser printable product where durability and weather/moisture resistance is required (permanent adhesive only)
  • 8PT. TAG – Non-adhesive tag stock often used for P.O.S. tags or product tags. Stock is perforated to size.

Additional information

Weight 2.4 lbs
Dimensions 28 × 21.5 × 1.3 cm

Chrome Poly (WR-5), Clear Poly (WR-4), Coloured Matte, Fluorescent, Kimdura (WR-2), Vinyl (WR-3), White Matte, White Poly (WR-1), White Semi-Gloss


Freezer, Permanent, Removable


Blue 291, Chrome, Clear, Custom Colour, Fl. Green, Fl. Orange, Fl. Red, Fl. Yellow, Green 374, Orange 021, Pro Yellow, Red 032, White